26 September, 2012

Buy Kanjeevaram sari

Readers please do not order from any of the previous sari post. They are all sold out. Here is the newest collection. Again, I must re emphasize, these saris are handwoven. I have limited stocks. Each piece is single and unique. If it gets sold out, I do not have its another one and it is a tedious process to get its another piece. These pieces are picked up immediately. So kindly do not quote old blog posts while placing your orders. And if you like something, do not take too long to decide to place your order.

Quote the number written against each piece to place your order. To order, email me at
I ship internationally.
Shipping charges are extra.

These are all pure Kajeevaram. They are pure zari. These are traditional, authentic pieces. Perfect to be worn in weddings, gift in trousseau and be a part of family history to be passed on to generations.
Price: Rs. 47,000/- each. Last two are lesser priced. Their price is mentioned with them.

1. Red and gold

2. Red and gold

3. Gold Kanjeevaram

4. Red and gold

5. Pink

6. Blue

7. Fuchsia

8. Red and gold

9. Maroon

10. Red and gold

11. Red and gold

12. Pink and gold

13. Blue

14. Blue

15. Maroon

16. Pink

17. Blue

18. Pink
Rs. 37,000/-

19. Green
Rs. 37,000/-