09 July, 2018

Abir from Byloom

Little rant and something about this saree. Recently I met a woman, who in her conversation said many times "OMG". One might write OMG as a short form of Oh My God. But who says OMG in a conversation? Wannabes perhaps. 
Another rant I have, some people insist on speaking in English, even though they are not comfortable in the language. Their tenses and pronunciation have all gone for a toss. Sometimes I switch to Hindi, just to make them comfortable and yet they continue in their horrible English. Few of common mistakes- for heaven's sake, with "did", use a present tense and not past tense. It is wrong and very irritating. I hear a sentence like, " He did not went there." (eye rolls!!). Women or men is plural. No need to add "s". People say "many womens were there" (another eye rolls).  I get to know that this person does not have a very good command of English. I switch to Hindi and they continue to speak in their wrong English and I continue to do my eye rolls. I am very proud of my mother tongue. I can speak comfortably in Hindi as well as in English. My problem is that whatever language you are speaking, speak correctly.  By talking in English, you do not become more sophisticated or educated and OMG is definitely a no-no. Spare me the horror where I am doing eye rolls. 
Well, now that my rant is over,  let is talk about my saree. It is Abir from Byloom. I have posted another abir from Byloom in black colour here earlier. Read about the information about Abir here.

This saree is special because it is a gift from my very dear and old friend.  We have known each other for over two decades. So when he was travelling to Kolkata, I asked him to get one for me. When he came and gave it to me, he said that it is a gift. I hardly ever receive sarees as gifts. This was a much-appreciated one.
How did I meet him? When I was doing my fitness course about two decades ago, I was one studious student, studying diligently, taking notes, mugging up anatomy, etc. I would be writing on my notebook and trying to chew every word that was said. One day, when I was doing the same, a hand came back from behind with a blank notebook and said, "please write something on this too for me." I was startled and astonished, who could have done that. I looked behind and he was smiling. I was like "Whhhhat?" He laughed. He already knew the subjects well and helped me during the course to understand Anatomy instead of mugging it up. So that is how we met. Then, when we started working, I told him, "Let us charge X amount and no less." Everyone in the class agreed. Till date, he gives me the credit that "you standardized the industry and brought it a scale high up". 
He taught me how to ride my motorcycle.  When I was buying my Harley, he went with me to select my bike. There he said, "I will not let this bike come out of the showroom without the leg guard." I had no clue, what he was talking about but who would argue with him? Till date, the bike has fallen over me, three times and every time I got up without a scratch. Then I remember and thank him for the leg guards. 
We meet or talk, maybe once in six months but we have deep respect and care for each other. I know I can call him at 3 am if I need him and he will be there. So this saree is for my buddy.

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