10 July, 2018

Ajrakh saree

I have worn this ajrakh saree here earlier. I have also posted a lot of information about ajrakh in the post here.
Ajrakh is an ancient block-printing method on textiles that originated in the present-day provinces of Sindh in Pakistan and the neighbouring Indian districts of Kutch in Gujarat and Barmer in Rajasthan. The word 'ajrakh' itself connotes a number of different concepts.
The traditional colours found in ajrakh printing are deep, which symbolise nature. Crimson red symbolizes the earth, and indigo blue symbolises twilight. Black and white are used with a view to outline motifs and define symmetrical designs.
Today I met Sharmi, another saree friend and Instagrammer. She is a writer and we have a lovely time chatting about sarees and how it connects us. Sharmi writes about Lifestyle for various publications and interacts with designers and party circuit. Our views were so similar about the topics and people we discussed. It is nice to meet like-minded people.


  1. Oh how beautifully the afternoon was spent! You are one gorgeous soul Kiran!!! Now need to get my own Ajrakh, fast!

    1. Thank you so much my dear. I enjoyed both our evenings together. I love Ajrakh. I have 4 and I am almost ready to buy another one. :) lets go shopping :)