02 August, 2018

Ajrakh saree in Rashtrapati Bhawan

How many of you remember the advertisement, “ mera wala cream”? The problem with that advertisement and in many saree bloggers is “hype”. Unnecessary hype. Trying to prove that mera wala cream or whatever is most exclusive, custom-made, most vintage, no more available, made to order, very expensive, etc etc. For heaven’s sake, it is a garment and not Kohinoor. The beauty of a Saree is it’s simple and intrinsic form, it’s classic nature, it’s softness,, drape, handwoven fabric. That is why the embroidery on top of it, steals its glory. Similarly, any kind of extra hype steals its charm. Enjoy the saree without any hype.

I have worn different Ajrakh sarees here, here and here earlier. I have a few more Ajrakh and I can add a few more to my collection. Akrakhs are comfortable and fun.

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