05 August, 2018

Fulia Missing check saree

Fulia missing check sarees are known for its tight and long lasting weave. The saree adorns bold contrast border. The missing checks weave makes this saree light which suits the hot tropical climate of our country. These saree patterns occur in small checks. These sarees come in a host of bold colours that make it look elegant and gorgeous. Their uniqueness lies in their durability as the fabric is woven only on pit loom and has been witnessing a tremendous increase in demand of late.

A missing weft check is a negative space introduced deliberately by removing intermittent weft threads making the saree airy and easy breezy!

Bengal  cotton sarees

Fulia missing check cotton is one of the types of weaves produced in the state. Made of pure and durable fibres, these cotton sarees are generally found in a single colour. This adds to the overall charm and appeal of the saree as the designs and patterns of the pallu and border are showcased very well.

It has an understated grandeur. The quality of the cotton fibre used in the creation of this saree is so soft that it is well suited to even the hottest of climates.

It is preferred by many women from around the country because of its wide suitability as a formal wear saree, magnified by its simplicity. Many women prefer wearing this saree to the office, to conference meetings and other such formal venues, irrespective of which part of the country they are from.

Style Tips

Modern missing check sarees, especially in cotton, can be styled well with a heavier blouse. This can be cut in trendy silhouette. This enhances the look of the saree and brings a touch of grandeur to the overall appearance. Keep the accessories light and let this understated saree do more talking.

As a general styling tip, one can always amp up the look with a bindi.

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