19 September, 2018

Cotton Paithani saree

Repeating a Cotton Paithani saree that I have worn here earlier. Paithanis are an investment and treasure pieces. See how much was the price in 2012, on this very blog. Since then, the price has gone up 4 times and the quality has come down. My other silk Paithani is a gift from my sister here
Cotton Paithanis can be worn more casually too during the day time. Silk Paithanis on the other hand are worn only for special occasions as they are more formal. These are must have in your collection. Enjoy wearing Paithanis.

I had met this group of fun women on a ladies trip here and ever since we have bonded so well that we are present for each other's special occasions like this and this 

Later we went shopping to Grand saree fair, Dastkar. Check me in the same last year here.

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