19 September, 2018

Matka silk saree

Soft Buttery air light Matka silk half with pastel, extra weft, woven jamdani flower motif. Matka silk sarees is in essence pure mulberry silk, but its threads are shorter, as a result of winding around a pot (matka) and not degummed. The resulting yarn is rougher than a regular silk yarn, but it maintains the sheen that silks are known for. So what you get is a fabric similar to linen but with all the richness of silk. It is mostly made in Murshidabad of Bengal, and hence matka is mostly found in typical Bengali handlooms like Jamdani work sarees and others.

A crowd favourite there is a wide variety of Matka silk sarees from across India. The rustic charm of these sarees is perfect for a formal or evening wear saree.

Matka Silk is a rough handloom silk fabric made from the waste Mulberry Silk (Bombyx Mori) without removing its gum (sericin) part. It is largely obtained from the states of Karnataka and Kashmir but its spinning is done in the Malda and Murshidabad districts in West Bengal. Sujapur village in West Bengal, Islampur village in Bangladesh and Dariapur village in Gujarat are some of the well known Matka silk producing villages.
The Fabric and its Making

It comes from thick yarn spun from the silkworm Bombyx Mori which results in some irregularities in the texture of the fabric. Matka silk resembles the tweed fabric in texture. In spite of the irregularities of the Maka Silk texture, it is considered unique. Matka sews very easily which makes it a delight for a tailor.

The thickness of Matka Silk can vary as per the amount of yarn used. This results in a controlled thickness of the fabric which contributes to its varied uses in different industries of clothing, home furnishing, and textiles. It is a versatile fabric and easy to use.

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