20 December, 2018

Happy Feet with 2ft Orthotics!!

I used to suffer from chronic foot pain which sometimes crept until my back, and I kept ignoring it. I gave myself reasons like, maybe I ran too much today (I like sports and run about 20 km/week on average), I stood for too long, even things like - it is very humid today!

I kept postponing it until when my wife said that she had enough of always having to carry everything by herself. We were going to have a baby soon, and she was afraid of having to carry around the baby all the time, as I was always complaining about my leg pain. Finally, I went to one of the most famous Orthopaedic doctor in Singapore (I am an Indian living in Singapore), and he suggested that I have a condition called Plantar Fasciitis.

The only solution, I was suggested was steroid injections to numb the pain. I was genuinely disappointed with the suggestion. I rejected the idea of having a steroid injection, as I could imagine the side effects of it. I went to another big hospital in Singapore, and the Orthopaedic doctor referred me to Podiatry (foot department) within one minute of me describing the problem. I got a shiny pair of insoles after the hospital staff looked at my posture. I was having more pain from the insole as compared to my plantar fasciitis pain. I threw away my insoles in 2 days.

Fortunately, I came across a brand called 2ft Orthotics at a mall in Singapore. The foot scan was free, so I decided to get it a try. They gave me a detailed scan, and the results were consistent with the doctor’s analysis. However, instead of steroids, I was offered to try out their customised foot insole meant particularly for my foot. I tried out the test pair and voila! I felt I like I discovered a magic potion that I do not have to drink. It was a little odd feeling wearing the insole, but my pain was gone, as I tried the test pair for 20-30 min.

Well, honestly, I did not buy it immediately because the price was slightly steep for me. I contemplated for a few weeks (and kept suffering from my pain) until the time pain overcame money and I finally decided to buy it. The insole came with a 1-year structural guarantee, and I could go to the kiosk any number of times if I have any discomfort wearing it in different shoes. They also helped me with the art on how to choose the correct shoes.

All this happened three years ago. I am still using the same insoles and wear it every day. It indeed has transformed my life for good. I can enjoy sports. I can enjoy being a parent. I can enjoy my life again!

No Shoe is complete without 2ft Orthotics.

The story has not ended yet because there is still a happier ending. My mother was suffering from severe heel pain and sciatica pain. Last year when I visited back home, I saw that she was quite plump and I asked what happened how come she was suddenly like a balloon. She told me that she had this severe heel pain and sciatica pain and the doctor was giving her steroids injection every 1.5 months. Some days she was not able to get out of bed because of severe pain. I was deeply saddened to see her weight gain because of steroids and devastated that she had gone through so much and never informed me about anything.

Anyway, I decided to buy her the same insoles, but for that she had to come to Singapore, hoping this would do some magic for my mother. I checked 2ft Orthotics website (https://www.2ft.com/), and I found that they have opened a branch in India. I was thrilled to know this since it would be so much easier for all of us. We went to Ghaziabad for the check-up. The 2ft personnel were very friendly, and again described the problem consistent with my mother’s doctor. My mother got her pair and it been eight months and no more steroids injection, no pain. My mother is incredibly happy.


That's why I like to say, my story has a happier ending.

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