24 August, 2020

Bailou Tussar Jamdani Saree

Bengal's handloom boasts of its intricately handwoven, featherlight Tussar Jamdani Saree. They're woven in a delicate blend of silk & cotton by the native weavers of Bengal to give a rich lustre and an elegant look.

The word jamdani has its origins from Persian culture ('jam' means flower & 'dani' means vase).  The floral motifs on this featherweight saree give an illusion of a rich, heavy look but it's extremely light to wear. It's woven on a brocade loom which makes the process very intricate, elaborate, and time-consuming. This saree takes anywhere from a month to a year to weave by the skilled artisans of Bengal. Every single piece is personalized, unique & valuable. 

Price: Rs. 13700/-

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