03 September, 2020

Ponduru Charkha Khaadi Saree with a Broad Silk Border

 Ponduru Khadi is produced from a Ponduru, a village in Srikakulam district in North Andhra Pradesh. The Uniqueness of the fabric is the fibre. It is Produced from the Cotton of a very short staple length produced in the Srikakulam Area. Ponduru is made from two types of cotton, One is a red one and the second one is pahadi cotton. An interesting fact about Ponduru is that it is processed by the teeth of Valagu Fish, and they use it when these fish dies.

 Isn't it interesting, that how India is so diverse and not just in terms of food and culture but also in terms of clothes, and fabric?  We are blessed to have so much talent in one country. All we have to do is support these underprivileged talents by making an effort of buying these handmade Sarees.

We have more colours available for these. You can see other colours here.

So Make a move and support these talents by buying these handwoven and hand spun Sarees.

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