20 September, 2020

Saree bag for storing

 Are you facing a problem with the organization of your sarees? Is your wardrobe cluttered? Are you trying to find something which can help you with arranging and sorting? So here we are presenting these handstitched saree bags. You can keep 1-2 saree in one saree bag. This can also be used for the restoration of your old sarees collection.



These bags are handstitched and come with a zipper. This comes in white base colour with 4 different brocade colours. Designed to store. You can store every type of clothes.

Help in Organization and cleanliness

Not just good for keeping the clothes but also good for organizing your clothes. You can keep one particular type of saree in one bag. This will help you to be organized and clear about your collection.

Keeping your wardrobe organized will eventually turn out to be cleanliness. Which can make your worries go regarding being immaculate. You can increase the life of your sarees by 5 times.


These are made from pure organic cotton. We have 4 different colours of brocade on top. This in turn helps you to colour code and remember which saree is stored in which bag.

These will protect saree from humidity and dust.

These will help you to keep your wardrobe organized.

Why buy these bags?

These are washable not like other plastic bags that cannot be used again. This also means that it is not only for one time, but this can also be used for years. There's no artificial colour used in these bags, which can affect the colour of your sarees. 


The speciality of these bags is that these are handstitched. These are eco-friendly and will not harm mother nature in any way. This is a one time buy storage for your saree which can be used for years. The size of these bags is 16.5 x 12.5 inches and can store 1-2 sarees easily. And not just for sarees but this is also ideal for dresses, lehenga, party wear, jeans, and tops.

Is it worthy?

Sarees are women's best friend. When in doubt, wear a saree and these bags are just perfect for storing sarees that need extra care when it comes to storing them properly.

When we all know that sarees are so precious for then why to decrease their life span by not keeping them properly.

These bags are simple and adaptable in structure, you can store your different types of clothes in it. These will also help you to make look your wardrobe perfect and not a mess.

An affordable and versatile buy for your organizing your clothes. When the whole world is supporting the fact that we should stop using plastic for the sake of the environment, then why to buy plastic bags for clothes organization. Buy these handstitched cotton Bags and do organization along with taking care of the environment

Price - 200/- each

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