30 June, 2008

Blank Noise

Someone asked me today, " What were you thinking". And I said, " Nothing". Because actually I was blank. My friend said, " How is it possible you were not thinking ANYTHING ? The mind always processes something always". But I argued that it is possible to make your mind still, think of nothing, go blank, even a a big crowd, or a party, just go thoughtless. Have you ever experienced that ever? I have and I can- Anytime, Anywhere. Is it not what Yogis call meditation? Of course it comes with practice but also not too much effort has to be involved. And this thinking machine-mind needs to rest too.

There is so much information available nowadays that mind is working overtime. Give it some rest, some peace. Learn to meditate.

There are many things that can help you achieve this. One of them is also Sattvic living, eating and thinking. In my next blog I will be talking about that.

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