02 July, 2008

Most Successful Piles Surgeries World Record

Guys I know I have promised my next blog on Sattvic diet. But before that here is this blog- a salute and a tribute to my sister and her husband for creating a world record.

They have created most Successful Piles Surgeries World Record.

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Dr. Sudershan Chugh MBBS MS Gen Surgeon operated 137 cases of piles in one day on oct 28 2007 in a free piles surgery camp, setting the world record for the most successful piles surgeries in one day Dr. Sudershan Chugh has developed a special technique for treatment of piles which he has named as M.I.S.P(.minimal invasive surgery for piles ).

The free camp was organised by all india sangmeshwar dal Pehowa HARYANA INDIA. Piles surgery camp went smoothly and there was not a single case of complication on day of surgery.

This technique is effective in all stagesof piles whether these are external,internal or internoexternal and all grades of piles from grade 1 to 4 This technique is also very help ful in management of anal fissure and anal fistula also. Patient does not need any spinal anaesthesia , no need of admission, only day care surgery , no pain, no post operative dressings.

There are other benefits of this special technique as patient can go to work after 2-3 days of operation where as with conventional surgery patient can go to work after 10-34 days after surgery.

Patient satisfaction rate after conventional surgery is 80% where as with MISP it is around 96% As for as long term results are concerned MISP by dr chugh offers very good results there is hardely 3-4% recurrence rate.

Rate of complication after conventional surgery is very high where as complication with dr chugh tachnique is very less This technique hardly takes 5 minutes to perform where as with conventional surgery it takes 30 -40 minutes.

An indian doctor performed 27 minimal invasive procedure in one day on may 22, 2005 which is published in limica book of records and this record has been broken by dr sudershan chugh of india by operating 137 surgeries in one day.

Follow up of patients was done on 4 november 2007 .

Following were highlights of the camp by Dr. Sudershan Chugh:

# 136 Piles surgery were done in 15 hours camp started at 8:52 AM on 28th october and finished at 11:53:24 PM on 28th october successfully. Only one patient had severe bleading during surgery which was immidietely managed

# Follow up of patient was done on 4th november 2007 and all patients were fine and did not have any problem success rate of surgery was 96% and satisfaction rate was 94% while with conventional surgery satisfaction rate is 80% all over the world .

"Our patient reported to work with in one day while with conventional surgery it is 10-34 days reporting time to work."

Source : Worldrecordacedamy.com

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