03 July, 2008


Here is another experience about another client query. I got this call from a prospective client. Now over the phone she sounded desperate and depressed. I had not spoken to her ever before. So she went about telling me her history. She asked me if I could make out from her voice that she had been crying all night. And yes I could. Now read her story further....

This is what she said-

I am 24 year old woman. Married for a couple of years now. My weight has been a problem always but now it has increased beyond any limits. I am only about 5 ft tall and weigh 352 lbs. Because of my weight I have not been able to conceive. Earlier there were problems when I could not find clothes of my size in the market. Then the condition worsened to the effect that for days I could get up from my bed. Now, even my personal hygiene is not in my control. Very often I do not realize when I wet my bed. I have a 24 hour nurses with me because even for day to day activity I am dependent on them. I can barely breathe. I keep crying, feeling low and depressed. Can you help?

I was bewildered. If a person was unable to go to even restroom, how could I as a fitness trainer help her and make her exercise? Here was a person who was unable to get up from her bed on her own. Sure this was a very challenging case. But was I ready? Was it ethical on my part to take her? I knew she would not be able to come to my fitness centre on daily basis to workout with me. Then what was the solution?

Should I, as a trainer be suggesting her to go for surgery?
In my next blog read about surgery.

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