03 July, 2008


I have clients who are desperate to loose weight. In fact, majority of the queries I get, are from people wanting to loose weight. Very few want to work on their fitness or strength or flexibility. It is most often about loosing weight. I am always eager and ready to learn. In fact, I learn a lot from my clients and their experiences.
One such experience I am sharing with you here. It is about slimming pills and their side effects. It is about a pill called Rimoslim.

Pills are one of the ways to lose weight and have been evolved to facilitate obese and overweight with more relief. Diet or Weight loss pills are one such plausible alternative which gained lots of momentum in the past few years.

Developed by Torrent Pharmaceuticals, an Indian pharmaceutical, rimoslim is a generic equivalent of brand acomplia or rimonabant and is marketed relatively on a low cost. A clinically tested generic preparation for weight-loss, it suppresses appetite and hence make remarkable reduction in the soaring body weight.

How does rimoslim curbs fat?

As far as the manner it eradicates obesity is related, it is quite simple. Rimoslim or generic acomplia works by suppressing the user's appetite and affecting the endocannabiniod system, which controls appetite and energy expenditure and gets over-active because of over-eating. Thus by restricting appetite, the wonderful pill eventually curtails crave for food and results fast weight-loss.

How to be ingested?

For quick weight loss, take rimoslim or rimonabant once a day prior to breakfast or as advised by your doctor. The common recommended dose is 20 mg. Any change should not be introduced into drug's dosage without the consent of doctor.

Now here is a big catch-Associated side effects

In spite of having proven positive effect on obesity, the gold standard weight loss pill is not free from adverse effects. The possible side effects include:

Anxiety- My client who was having it, told me that she had never in her life experienced being as anxious in her life time. She had always been happy go lucky person, yet during the course she was having it, she was contemplating committing suicide.

Irritability I personally noticed how irritable she became. And since I knew her, I had earlier seen chirpy side of her.

Dizziness, Nausea, FatigueThis client related to me how she was experiencing insomnia. She started sleep talking and even sleep walking-something she had never experienced before. Her husband was getting worried because at night, it was he, who would bring her back to bed while she would attempt to get up and go out. (She would be walking in sleep)

Stomach upset

Depression-She had to seek counselor's help to bring her out of depression.

Her conditions did get reversed and she did become normal once she quit her medication but some 3 kg weight loss that had happened over a period of 6 months also came back. Too heavy price for..............

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  1. I'm so glad you took the time to write this. Kiran, pills just freak me out! I think that the pharmaceuticals are poisoning us. Sure, I agree that some drugs are needed (very little), you know, I certainly wouldn't like to have an open heart surgery without drugs but you get my point, all these pills are just crazy.