06 August, 2008

Bosu abs exercise- Series 7

1. Lie supine on Bosu. One knee is bent and place the other foot on top of this knee. Exhale and bring the opposite elbow towards the knee. This works on obliques. Make sure the movement is coming from obliques and you are twisting the sides. The aim should not be simply to touch the elbow to the knee. Then change the legs and do on the other side.

2. Lie down supine on bosu. Place your hands near your forehead. Bend your knees up and in towards the chest and curl your head up simultaneously.

3. Lie down supine on bosu. Keep the legs straight but lowered at an angle of about 45 degree. Holding the legs here, do your ab crunches.

4. Lie supine on bosu. Crunch your head up and hold this isometric contraction. Now bring both the legs up straight. This is the starting position. From here, alternately, take one leg down towards the floor and bring it back to starting position then the other leg. Throughout try to keep the head up.

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