05 August, 2008

Bosu Back exercise- Series 6

Firstly understand what a Prone position is. Prone is lying on your stomach, facing down. Supine is lying straight on your back.

1. For this back strengthening exercise, you lie down prone on Bosu. Keep hands under the chin. Exhaling, you slowly lift up- hands, head, legs feet off from the floor. Inhaling, you go down towards the floor.

2. Same as the one above. But this time we have changed the lever length. The hands are behind, next to the hips, facing the ceiling.

3. Come into a box (on all fours) position on top of Bosu. Exhaling, slowly raise up your right arm and left leg straight up. Bring it back to first position and then left arm right leg. This way keep alternating. A watch point here is that keep the back straight and neutral. Do not let it tilt to either side. Visualize a tray filled with glasses filled with water kept on your back. You do not have to spill that water. The balance will come from your core. Since you are doing this on Bosu, the stabilizing will be a greater challenge.

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