05 August, 2008

Bosu Core Abdominal exercise- Series 5

1. Lets start by holding this stretch on top of Bosu. Hug our knees in towards the chest.

2. Next is Cat and Dog Stretch on all fours on top of Bosu. Rounding up your back and scooping it in.

3. Fantastic Isometric contraction of the Core. Hold the plank position with your elbows on two Bosu's. Hold it for a minute everyday and you surely will get six pack abs.

4. Another Plank position. This time your feet are on top of Bosu and elbows are on floor.

5. Hold the plank position with your elbows resting on top of bosu.

6. In this plank take two bosu's. Invert the bosu's (Remember we use both sides of bosu) upside down and keep feet on one and hands on the other. Hold this very challenging plank position.

7. Side Plank with one elbow on Bosu. Rest your other hand on your waist. Feet slightly crossed. Keep the body straight . Suck your naval in.

8. Side plank same as above. This time do not cross your feet. Keep one foot on top of the other. So the challenge is further increased.

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