21 August, 2008

Bosu- Yoga for Legs-Series 26

1. Natarajasana
Stand on top of Bosu with feet apart. Bend your knees and keep the back straight. Stretch your arms straight above your head.
Strengthens the thigh, calf and ankle joints.
Tones Abductors.
Improves posture.
Do not attempt if you have stiff knees and ankles or weak back.

2.Vatayasana or Arched Moon Pose

Stand on top of Bosu. Slowly pick up left one foot and grab it with left hand. The right hand goes up overhead. The left knee is bent. Feel the stretch in your quadriceps.

Straighten up the left hand which is grabbling the foot in a manner that a triangle is made between your back, arm and leg.

Slowly bend your torso forward and lower your right arm in front of you till it is parallel to the floor. Balance the body on the right leg, still holding your left foot with your left hand. To improve your balance, constantly keep looking at one point. This also helps to improve concentration besides improving your balance. Hold and repeat on the other side.

Strengthens the knee joint
Stretches the quadriceps
Strengthens the back.
Do not attempt if you have week knee or varicose veins or are prone to injury due to imbalance.

3. Sahaj Vyagrasana or Half Crane Pose
Keep your hands on Bosu and knees on the floor. Come into a Box position. Make sure the hands are directly under the shoulder blades and knees are under the hip joint. Avoid bending the elbows. Raise one leg with a bent knee. The thigh here should be parallel to the floor, foot faces the ceiling. Hold this position and repeat on the other side.
Strengthens the back, thigh, hips and arms.
Tones glutes i.e hips
Alleviates cervical spondylitis.
Do not attempt if you have high blood pressure or severe back problem.

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