18 August, 2008

Bosu- Yoga- Isometric contraction for abs-Series 21

1. Lie down on the floor or mat with your head resting on top of Bosu. Take the legs up straight. Try to push the lower back on floor and keep the abs contracted.

Slowly lower the legs down, holding the abs tight, and stabilizing the lower back so that it does not start arching. Keep holding for few seconds and repeat.

2. Lie down on top of Bosu. Bend your knees 90 degree. Slowly raise the head, neck and finally the hands up, contracting your naval in to spine and keep holding for few seconds.

3. From the above position, straighten your legs, slowly start lifting up and take the hands towards the legs. Hold.

Get up little higher. Try to touch your feet with your hands. Hold.

4. Lie down on top of Bosu. Bend your legs 90 degree. Lift your head up and as you exhale and bring the hands up, rotate from your torso to one side so that both hands go outside your right knee. Hold then repeat on the other side.

5. Similar as the one above. The difference here is that to make it more advanced and challenging, we keep the legs up straight.

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