19 August, 2008

Bosu- Yoga for upper Body-Series 22

1. Gomukhasana or The Cow Pose

Sit on Bosu. Place left hand behind your shoulders and reaching behind your back with the other hand, interlock the fingers of both hands. Pull and hold gor 10-30 seconds. Interchange the arms.
Increases the flexibility of arms and shoulder blades.
Opens the chest and improves the respiration.
Tones and shapes the back.
Caution: Do not attempt this if you have frozen shoulder.

2. Parsh Konasana or Side arm raise.
Lie down on your side. Lift up the upper body, placing your one hand down on top of Bosu and getting support from it. Both feet face the same direction. Extend the other hand above straight overhead. Most of your weight is resting on the hand which is kept on top of Bosu.
Tones the arms, increases sense of balance and strengthen the neck.
Do not attempt if you have week back, arms, frozen shoulder.

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