19 August, 2008

Bosu- Yoga for Back -Series 23

1. Marjariariasana or The Cock
Come on all fours on top of Bosu. Exhale and arch the back up. Head goes down. Inhale and arch the back in and look up.
Improves flexibility and strength of back and improves the posture.
Do it slow and smooth avoiding any jerks.

2. Sahaj Pavanmuktasana
Lie down on Bosu. Slowly rasie up both the legs and clasp one knee with your hands. Try to bring the chin to touch your knee and hold. Repeat on the other side.
Lessens lower back ache and stiffness in lumbar area.
Stretches hamstrings and hips.
Improves the flexibility of hip and knee joint.
Removes unwanted flatulence.
Do not attempt if you have cervical spondylitis. In that case, do not raise your head up. Keep it down.

3. Poorna Pavanmuktasana or The child pose
Lie down on the Bosu on your back. Slowly bend both the knees and hug them with your hands towards the chest. Raise your chin to touch the knees.
Removes stiffness from lower back.
Removes fat from hip.
Lessens knee pain.
Removes unwanted flatulence.
If you have cervical spondylitis, do not raise your head up.

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