20 August, 2008

Bosu- Yoga for Legs-Series 24

1. Uthita Pada Uttanasana or front leg raise.

Stand on top of Bosu. Balance weight on both feet. Slowly raise one leg off and in front. Bring your hands up parallel to the floor. Hold and repeat on the other leg.
Strengthens the muscles of legs.
Improves balance.
Improves concentration and neuro-muscular coordination.
Do not attempt if you have week knees or varicose veins.

2. Uthita Kona Pasa Uttanasana or Side leg raise
Standing on top of Bosu, raise your one leg out to the side. Keep the upper body straight and aligned. Bring your arms in front, parallel to the floor.
Strengthens the abductors or the sides of legs.
Removes excess fat from abductors.
Same as above

3. Virbhadrasana

Stand next to Bosu. Place one foot on top of Bosu. Turn this foot out. Bend the knee which is placed on top. The leg at the back is straight. Fold your hands (palms pressing against each other) and take them overhead. Bend backwards and look up. Hold and then repeat on the other side.
Strengthens legs and knee.
Reduces fat from hips.
Improves functioning of abdominal organs.
Relieves stiffness of shoulders, back and neck.
Do not attempt if you have heart problem or high blood pressure.

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