06 October, 2008

La Mer

Monday morning. A new week has begun. This week I am going to be focussing on beauty products, face packs, scrubs....

One product and brand that I can swear by is La Mer. All their products are exceptionally good. In fact, I have never been to a parlor to get a facial etc done. These are the products I use at home and the job is done. They are expensive but worth it. Out of many of La Mer's products, one that I like especially, is The Refining Facial.It is white coloured scrub. It has tiny Diamond particles in it that stay even after you have washed the face. It makes the skin so very radiant. Trust me, I don't even need any make up like foundation and compact after this.

The Creme de la mer is an OK product- nothing great.

Do watch their video on their website.

It is indeed a miraculous product. If you know of any such miraculous products- home made or off the shelf, do share them.


  1. fitness blog.. wow.. ill come here for my daily exercise.... hey thanks for commenting on my blog

  2. Thanks chriz. Do come back. This week I am dedicating to beauty.

  3. WOW I've never heard of this before. tnxx for the info Kiran! And no wonder u look so beautiful.

    I use Oil of Olay...for a very long time now..its my BEST moisturiser so far :)


  4. Keshi. Do try La Mer's moisturiser too.

  5. I heard wonderful thinks about laMer. It seems insanely expensive though....

  6. @ Agnes. I agree. La mer is expensive. But works.