07 October, 2008

Forest Essentials

An interesting range of beauty products from India is Forest Essentials. They have a beautiful range of skin care, body care, hair care products. Recently I have seen even their baby care products. I love their aggarbattis (incense sticks) and oils.

Their fragrances are so very ethnic and refreshing, unlike other fancy products. I love their sandalwood and mogra range. Though my mom likes Indian Rose better. But we both like their bath and shower oils in our own chosen fragrances. The skin feels so supple and nice if you put these light oils after a bath.

The range meant for babies has a lovely picture of Bal Gopal (Lord Krishna). All the products from Forest Essentials are purely herbal and ayurvedic.

They have very nice gift hampers as well and I have gifted these to many of my friends. So far all my friends have appreciated them. My mom, who is a firm and staunch believer of naturopathy and prefers homemade products and ubtans to any other, also fell in love with these, when I gifted them to her.


  1. its autumn for my hair.. i am shedding hair... receding hairline. any solution?

  2. Chriz Forest essential also has hair care products and they are good. Give them a try. Also try including lot of protein in your diet. Even protein supplement.

  3. wow nice haircare packs. There's a good hair oil called KESHA in Sri Lanka :)


  4. @ Sameera. Herbal products are always safe. No side effects. And now so many good herbal products are available.

  5. @Keshi. Thanks for sharing the info. Chriz asked about hair care products.

  6. ah i like this blog...i need some tips...will keep askin ya now :D