08 October, 2008

My new title image

Guys if you have noticed the change in my title image, it is all thanks to Abhinav. Do check his blog at http://thephotoshopper.blogspot.com
He has been very helpful with giving me a new logo. In fact, following were the logos he suggested and then mutually we agreed to the one above. If you have any suggestions, they are always welcome.

Initially I liked this one the best


  1. i saw these in his blog too... too good of a photoshopper for an 18 year old...

  2. He is just 18. That is a news to me. Actually commendable.

  3. @ Chriz: Thanks Chriz..

    @Kiran: You gotta be kiddin me.. You seriously didnt know I was 18? Well how does it matter? :) You are most welcome.

    Glad you liked the images. Any suggestions/requests are still and always welcome to me too!!

    -The Photoshopper

  4. Congrats to you and to Abhinav. I saw his creations. :-) Good.

    I too have a cousin, all of 17 and he too does these things. And he creates animations as well. A lead guitarist of his school band and a cyber olympiad gold medalist for last three consecutive years. Ooofff

    These kids... I feel I have become old. :(

  5. the last one was good with ur pic in it loved it...nice designs :)..


  6. @ Yes cuckoo. Kids these days are whiz kids

  7. hey, even i play guitar....but no band in school until now.. though i am forming one in college!! will have to come up with a name soon.. do suggest something :) and we need a drummer.

    glad you liked the designs hemanth...