08 October, 2008

My new title image

Guys if you have noticed the change in my title image, it is all thanks to Abhinav. Do check his blog at
He has been very helpful with giving me a new logo. In fact, following were the logos he suggested and then mutually we agreed to the one above. If you have any suggestions, they are always welcome.

Initially I liked this one the best


  1. i saw these in his blog too... too good of a photoshopper for an 18 year old...

  2. He is just 18. That is a news to me. Actually commendable.

  3. @ Chriz: Thanks Chriz..

    @Kiran: You gotta be kiddin me.. You seriously didnt know I was 18? Well how does it matter? :) You are most welcome.

    Glad you liked the images. Any suggestions/requests are still and always welcome to me too!!

    -The Photoshopper

  4. Congrats to you and to Abhinav. I saw his creations. :-) Good.

    I too have a cousin, all of 17 and he too does these things. And he creates animations as well. A lead guitarist of his school band and a cyber olympiad gold medalist for last three consecutive years. Ooofff

    These kids... I feel I have become old. :(

  5. the last one was good with ur pic in it loved it...nice designs :)..


  6. @ Yes cuckoo. Kids these days are whiz kids

  7. hey, even i play guitar....but no band in school until now.. though i am forming one in college!! will have to come up with a name soon.. do suggest something :) and we need a drummer.

    glad you liked the designs hemanth...