29 May, 2010

The Magic Skirt

Shopping always fascinates me and I know am very good at it too. While in Honolulu, I went to Aloha Stadium. Here there was a huge area filled with small shops selling variety of products. The most unusual thing that I picked up and that really excited me was something called The magic skirt. It is very much made in India and made by joining two inexpensive sarees and is like a wrap around thing. But the beauty of it is that it can be worn in hundred of different ways and every time you have a new dress on you. The sales guy demonstrated us (me, my sister, my mom) these ways and also gave us a pamphlet which taught us how to wear it. On my recent trip to Bali, I carried it along and experimented so many different ways of wearing the same skirt. I loved what I did. Here are fruits of my experimentation.

This I wore in Mauii while heading for a dinner.
Sandals: Nine West

And Now see my experiments in Bali.

White T: Channel
White Bag: Lacoste


  1. e di, It was in Honolulu (not Mauii), remember this was close to the Pearl Harbor place.
    And creativity flows through you, I still am in fascination of some of ths skirt styles you created:)

  2. mam checked and edited the mistake. he he..thank u...i am more concerned with shopping than even remembering the name of the place..u see:)

  3. Very interesting.

    any plans for Mrs India in the near future?

  4. Bhawana should I give it a shot? he he

  5. really u are very creative and know how to make good use of time

  6. loved the new added styles also. And love the fuschia backdrop too. I like your new curtains

  7. You shld try for Mrs. India and even Mrs. World :o)

  8. Tanvi lets try together for it. He he

  9. i can't do it ... I have stage fright and I eat too many sweets to have a flat stomach ;) ... But I KNOW that YOU can ;)

  10. hey ...
    very adaptive skirt i must say ... quite impressive styling too ... cheers ...