30 May, 2010

Mauve- My sister's favorite color

My favorite color is Fuschia and White. I like this fact even more now because white is my Guruji, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar's color and Fuschia is favorite color of Guruji's sister, Bhanu didi. Now my sister's favorite color is mauve. The other day when I was seeing my wardrobe, I realized that I have ended up buying more of mauve colors than fuschia. Why? Maybe because whenever I have liked a dress, it is not available in my favorite color but my sister's.
Well, my kind of dress has to be structured and which enhances my curves (yes i do have some). The cut, the fabric, the style is important. And when I do go out in the evening, I do enjoy dressing up.
So here are few of my styles.

I like the detail on the shoulder

Dress: Gifted by my friend
Shoes: Miu Miu
Clutch: Gucci
Watch: Chanel
Location courtesy :Taj Palace- Blues.

Dress : Mango
The complete ensemble. I wanted to keep it monotone.

Earings: Bought from my dad, who is a jeweler.
I like the detail of satin bow on the neck.

And I like the deep back.

Bag: Louis Vuitton
Watch:Bought on Alaska Cruise
Bangles: Bought from dad

Shoes: salvatore ferragamo

I had previously worn the same dress here as

Paired with shoes: Nine West
Bag: Chanel
Location: San Gimignano, Imperial hotel

Watch: Guess (Gift from husband- He loved the paisely print on it)

I did a post earlier here about this restaurant. Read it here.


  1. Di, I can think of your one fuschia dress that I loved - the one you wore on Alaska cruise. And yes, I love your mauve dresses - I love everything mauve, lavendar, lilac, all those shades. Knowing this, my sis envisioned my wedding dress also in that color and we got it from Suneet Verma.

  2. hain which fuschia are u talking about?
    That wedding dress was awesome.

  3. kiran you are lucy wearing jewellery designed by your Dad.

  4. Love that dress of yours :o) .... Plus you are so lucky you Dad is a jeweler and husband a pashmina etc. trader! ... Imagine my Dad is a metal trader and husband a scientist! ... Nothing for me to gain from either of them! hahaha

  5. Hi Tanvi. Which one of the two dress do you like? Hey you have a fab husband who is contributing to your blog by clicking those beautiful pics for you.

  6. Di, that fuschia dress which hasone off shoulder and some very nice deatil on the other. It's not exact fuschia but on those lines...if I remember correctly

  7. Oh! forgot to mention, love the first dress. The shoulder detailing is fab :) ...My husband is grt .. but just nothing to gain from him for free :P