31 May, 2010

Spanish Fashion

Yesterday Zara was launched in Delhi. There was huge queue even to make payment, leave aside the trial room and inside the store. Being a shopaholic, I could not resist myself from checking out the clothes. They were OK. Nothing over the top. I could not understand why were people so crazy about it. It reminded me of the time when Mc Donald was launched in India and people queued up. I would buy from Zara but only when the initial excitement of the masses subsides down.
My favorite Spanish brand of clothes is Desigual. It is so me. It is colors- vibrant colors, patch work, embroidery, funky and fun. You should check their website on the link provided above.

Seen above and below
Skirt: Desigual.
Sweater: Gucci
Shoes: Nine West
Location:Alaska Cruise

Dress: Desigual. Notice, it has written on it- "Me and You".
Necklace: Bought from dad
Location: Alaska Cruise

Skirt and Top: Desigual
Location: Bali, Nusa Dua Western inn resort


  1. Kiran, I know I sound like a broken record, but you're so beautiful.

  2. Zara is a little over rated even here. And, their clothes fit only certain body types. Plus, they recycle designs every few months, but at times, you can find something useful.

    I would be very curious to see whether they have adjusted their clothing line to fit Indian body type.

  3. @ Agnes. We have a mutual admiration club

    @Shalu- I could not have explained it better. It is over rated, over hyped and presently I was not over enthusiast or excited to see their stuff. Like I said, I love Desigual a lot better.

  4. I agree with all of this! At the moment, I'm buying some things in Zara because in Mexico there are so few decent choices! Most shops are horrible. But when I lived in Spain, I never went near the place. I much preferred Desigual, or H&M for less crazy pieces!

    I lovvvvve your Desigual dress. : )