01 June, 2010

Kites, Fio

I saw Kites. Yes, my boys did not like it. My friend says she cannot stand it. The reviews are not good. But I liked the movie. I like love stories. I believe in love stories, soul mates, mushy mushy romance. What's wrong with that? I do not understand why people do not like it. Love knows no boundaries- no barriers of language etc. Is it too hard to accept and digest? And now am eagerly awaiting Sex and the City 2.
Yesterday night went to Fio, an Italian restaurant in Garden of Five Senses. What has happened to Delhi? All the Italian restaurants, their ambience, decor and even food all look alike. It started with Olive- outdoor, white, lots of greens, candle lit, pebbles on floor, cosy Italian ambience. And now every Italian restaurant is the same. O palacio, Cibo, Fio (Can you see even their names are rhyming). Initially it seemed nice but now I can barely differentiate one restaurant from the other. This is what I wore to Fio.

Top: Tatoo tatoo. Bought in Hawaii
White Linen pants: Wills
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Location: Fio, Garden of Five senses
In this same top I like my this pic a lot. Shot by my son.

And this pic is a keepsake.


  1. I Loved Kites tooo ... more coz I love Hrithik ;) Your top is lovely!!!

  2. Yes Tanvi. i like Hrithik too.
    When you compliment my clothes, it means a lot to me. The Diva herself.

  3. Hi Kiran
    got here from somehwere - one link leads to another and so on kinds..Just wanted to say love your blog.so simple and yet so interesting..I will be back for more :)


  4. Love the last pic Kiran :-D

  5. Di, remember I have a similar top I wore in Hawaii - from Forever 21.
    I so want to watch Kites and it's playing in an AMC here. Maybe this weekend.

  6. thanks Agnes
    Komal I do remember your top. Do watch Kites. I know you will like Hrithik

  7. I love the second pic a lot...and nooooo kites sounds bad...itna mush is unbearable bhai...lol but i know you are a sucker for romantic films...so no wonder u loved it. and ofcourse some grt dance sequels must have helped...