02 June, 2010

My Baby

The first time I held you in my arms and you lay on top of me
The first time our eyes met, we both fell in love.
I did not know then, how to take care of this miniature creature
The first time you sucked on my thumb
The first step you took holding my hand
The first time you uttered those words- "mamma"

Today you are ready to fly.
Fly away to your dream destination
Fly away from me to explore new horizons.
We still have great bonding- the bonding that only we feel between us.
We are always there for each other through thick and thin.

I feel like a bird who is ready to see her children fly away from her
Who has on everyday basis fed food in their mouth from her beak.
I will miss you and the beautiful times we spent together.
But we both know that distance will not grow us apart.
We both know that nothing can affect the deep bonding we have between us.


  1. bahut senti ho gaye aap....

    love u too =)

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  3. I know Komal you can relate to me. You can feel what I am feel.

  4. Awww chiefooo...you know you have me...and me having done my college wont be flying away...you can keep me forever...im a well fed...a lil too fat..but emotionally balanced kid...you can easily adopt me. when should i send the papers...hehe..
    darling dont get upset...its a new phase in yur life and you will get thru this also...there is a new level of closeness that you will discover with your child...you will see...till then big huggiieee from me...muahhh