03 June, 2010


I used to ride to and fro from school and now I have so much fun biking again. I love Biking. Yes, on Delhi roads (We do not have very nice biking trails here but there are few places where you can bike). I have invested in Trec Bike. It is a dream machine.

Bicycling offers efficient, low-impact exercise. Intensive bicycle workouts can be just as effective as running, without the knee pain. Biking at 15 miles per hour will burn calories at a rate of approximately 650 an hour. To lose a pound a week, you should bike four times a week. That may mean three workouts of 30 to 60 minutes each and one workout of one to two hours.

One of the other reasons why bicycling is a good exercise is that your body has several moving parts when you ride. Your legs are in motion as long as you pedal, and your arms are in motion every time you turn. They also burn calories from your muscles tensing up in order to keep your balance. If you bike up hills, your glute muscles do more work. As you challenge these various body parts, your heart rate increases with each pedal stroke.

Depending on your biking posture, you can focus strengthening certain body parts. Standing up as you pedal can put pressure on your lower legs, while leaning back a little bit can focus on the glutes. By keeping your hands closer to the middle of the handlebars and leaning forward, you can put weight pressure on your forearms.

In Delhi, there is a Biking club.

Here is the outfit for the day
T shirt: American Eagle Outfitters- Gift from Son/Sister
French Chiffon skirt: Customized tailored (Yes in India, one can get things tailored)


  1. Biking...agreed im dying to start working out with you on the bikes...
    and i love the bright blue skirt with a simple white tee...that makes it easy for me..

  2. Yes I love biking too and brings back the same memories as yours too - biking to St. Joseph's. Here too, you were the one to encourage me to bike to school inspite of Mummy's concern about me being too young - you said "go, be independent":):) hehe and that's still what I associate with biking - freedom, independence:)
    But biking in Seattle is sooo tough man ! lots of uphills, I enjoy biking on flat roads. Looking at the pics of your bike I think meri bike ke tires thinner hain.
    And that AE top is gift from son only. Usne bilkul independently kharidi thi - main thi bhi nahi uske saath. And yes, India ke maze hain - u can get custom tailoring and even brand name shops would do alterations for you.
    Happy Biking!

  3. Pushpanjali- Once you are better, we will bike together.

    Komal- I love what you write here. We will go biking together in Delhi. I agree, even I would find biking in Seattle difficult with so many uphills, Delhi rocks baby.

    Thinner tyres are more for mountain bikes. These tyres are more for city roads.

    And top credit- ok- Son got while visiting my sis/ his massi. :)

  4. luv biking though I don't do much of it anymore. Your post brings back fond memories of biking with friends to school and college !

    p.s. Kiran : Whats with the FLURRY of posts ? :-) Totally inspired or just making up for months of absence ?

  5. Random, reason for flurry of posts
    1. New inspiration to write something on the topic I enjoy writing.
    2. Time on hands.