04 June, 2010

Then and Now.

Sometimes, I like my own company the best. But at other times, I do need my friends. Yesterday was my shopping day. When I go serious shopping, I am better off all by myself. I like to ponder over, try, speculate, compare, visualize and then pick up something that is just me. If you are with a friend, you keep thinking that you should not waste other person's time. You hurry up in the trial room, seek other person's opinion, get carried away with other person's opinion, feel obliged to also do other person's work, chit chat, gossip, sit for coffee, etc etc. Hence for serious shopping it has to be me, all by myself. And yesterday I came back so happy shopping for dresses from Ranna Gill and Shantanu and Nikhil. I came back mighty pleased.

I do not believe in hoarding clothes. In fact, they become obsolete (between my mom and sister and me, we call it "kandam") for me very fast. But there are few pieces that I treasure and cherish and keep for ages. My classic sarees definitely fall in this category. For a dress to be with me for years, it has to be extra special. So here is what I wore to my shopping trip yesterday, which has been with me for years. Let me also show you the same dress then and Now.

Skirt and Corset- B Moss (Mine and my sister's one of the favorite brand in US)
Bag: Benetton
Location: Bahai Temple, Chicago
This pic should be some 8 year old (I guess)

The pics below were shot yesterday

Skirt and Top- B Moss
Bag- Juicy Couture
Belt- Express
Necklace- Gift from my nieces
Sandals- Macy's US

I do also like the very interesting back.


  1. Hmmm...naaice!!
    But wondering what makes this one and in general your decision about what's special.
    ANd yes even I have this same top and skirt still looking as fresh as it was then (Jab poori hi nahi aani to fresh hi rehni hai):) Waiting ki kab poori aayegi.
    And B. Moss sirf Peoria mein hi dikha tha - after that didn't find it anywhere I've been. Yes, I love that store too. And it was your discovery:)

  2. Like the second one you are wearing..nice back and such a soothing color for summers..the belt makes it look chic.

  3. Komal- There is no specific reason what makes it special. If I like it, if it looks good (new, not faded, still in fashion etc), then I keep it.
    Sovina- Thanks.

  4. You look ready to face the summers :)

  5. Yeah Tanvi, I look like Pistachio Icecream..ha ha