14 June, 2010

A mix of animal and floral print

I like dresses. They have been my top favorite since childhood. They are so convenient, feminine, chic and trendy. The best thing is that you do not have to fuss much and think about a matching top, belt, accessories etc with them. In a jiffy you are ready to go. Pair them with nice shoes and bag and you are all set. I am not much of layering person either. Though I admire people who layer their outfits, but I have never been very good with it. So a dress is always the best option.

Outfit for the day

I like this simple dress because of its interesting print. A mix of animal print with floral. The way it fits me is great.
Dress: Some store in Metropolitan Mall, Saket, Delhi
Shoes: Prada.

Location: Hawaii


  1. you look so beautiful... love the dress!!

  2. love the printed dress and i specially like ur choice of shoes with it..nice


  3. Wowwww!! I love the dress!! It's really really pretty!