15 June, 2010

Fuschia- my color.

So finally I am able to find my favorite color in my wardrobe and list it in my blog. 
This top, I had picked from US. It costed me only $10. I really do not remember which store I picked it from. But I have used it so many times. Here I am wearing it with a skirt from Joss, (I stated in my earlier blog post that it is one of my favorite store in Delhi.)
Sandals: Nine West
Cap: Some store in Tokyo

Yes, sure I am fishing (for compliments).
Location: Hawaii

Here I have paired the same top with a skirt from Forever 21. Again my favorite store.

Bag: Lacoste, Seattle Airport
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes : Privo, Clarks
Location: Bali

These shoes have a story. While in US, I had shopped for so so many pairs of shoes, I had sworn to myself, I would not buy any more. Then I entered this store of Clarks shoes and just tried them on. Trust me, these shoes started talking to me. They said, "Kiran, I am made for you. Take me along. Don't leave me." They were so comfortable, they just would not leave me and I did not want to leave them. Now I have another habit. I treasure/keep all my shoes in their original boxes and packing. So even if the shoes were bought in US, I still brought all of them back, in their original boxes with me. It did not matter, how much space they occupied, how much extra weight it was. But....after all they are shoes- to be handled with care. You see.

While traveling, I generally keep a light jacket along. (Just in case). 

Cap: Shanghai
Location: My Humble House, Maurya Sheraton, Delhi
I have reviewed the same place in my earlier blog post here

And here I paired it with black trousers for one of my salsa parties.


  1. wow u look great
    hey, Congrats! theres an award waiting for u on my blog. Plz come n grab it coz u deserve it!

  2. Pretty lady in Pink...Lovely color..suits you really well :)

  3. The top is really cute. I love how you have paired with such a variety of skirts!