16 June, 2010


My client showed me these yesterday. And I am really excited. These are called Tonewalkers. I just wore them for less than a minute and wow....they felt so good. I definitely want them.
Tonewalker sculpts the bottom, hips, legs and stomach area, building and toning core muscles to improve posture and protect the back. In turn, metabolism is increased as Tonewalker builds muscle through engaging and making muscles work harder compared with standard shoes. Calories are burned faster and the appearance of cellulite is reduced, as circulation and lymphatic flow is boosted due to increased and targeted activity. Wearing Tonewalker will improve flexibility and balance and aids weight loss, as part of a calorie controlled diet.
Tonewalker is designed to target core muscles and improve flexibility and balance, providing up to five times the exercise value when walking or even standing.

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  1. Really?! They work? ... I see them in the shops ... but where would I wear them? Definitely not outside the house!