16 June, 2010

Plain, simple, rich and sophisticated

Reiterating my simple taste for one of the most exquisite attires- Saree. In my earlier blog post here, I have described my taste for sarees. Here, is one more of its kind that I had recently worn to one of the family do's.
Jewellery: But of course, bought from my dad (who else would make such exquisite designs?)

Above: With my handsome son
Below: For the first time, on this blog- my family.

And yes there has been an addition to my wish list. Here it is-
It is the latest Clutch from Judith Leiber
Husband dear are you listening/reading?


  1. Di, Why did you change the background of your blog? It is seeming very noisy and dark. I know you love fuschia but like you say in your blog that you like simple sarees, I too liked the simple background of your blog. This is too much in the eyes and distracting. (Yeh comment chahe publish mat karna, but ho sake to background waapis revert kar dena). I know its your blog and you can do whatever you like with it, but this is just a suggestion as a reader/follower of the blog.

  2. That clucth is really ooh la la!!
    kinne ka hai? mere ko bhi chahiye:)

  3. That clucth is really ooh la la!!
    kinne ka hai? mere ko bhi chahiye:)

  4. hey kiran...as usual you look lovely in the saree..iam totally digging your neck piece & the clutch is awesome..i didn't know you had a son ...Gosh! you look so so young.

    Also. there is an award waiting for you on my blog..would love to know more about you..go & grab it :))

  5. You, absolutely look ravishing and extremely graceful!
    I never knew Uncle made such beautiful jewelery. And, may I just say that you are blessed to have such a beautiful family :)

  6. I really like you in Sarees! I think i like you best in Sarees! They go very well with your whole persona and vibe ... calming and elegant! :o)

    I actually prefer this background. It's not too bright on the eyes. I know you love fuscia but the previous one was too harsh for reading, this is reader friendly!

    Another suggestion - You can also may be change your header/banner ... Just a suggestion! Have a nice weekend!