10 June, 2010

Hungry Kya?

Whenever I am hungry, or I go out and eat, I actually like eating lots of greens and salads. They are so filling, nourishing and best, they are Negative calorie foods. Click on my previous link to know about the Negative calorie food. My friends are surprised, as to how I can relish it so much. But I seriously do. They call it- Ghaas Patte (Grass and leaves). But that's exactly what I enjoy eating. Yesterday, I quickly fixed myself a salad of iceberg, lettuce, asparagus, zucchini, rocket leaves and added a dash of balsamic vinegar as dressing and viola, my bowl was fixed. I kept munching on it slowly.

Here is outfit of the day

Top- Morgan-  also worn previously as click on the link to view.
Skirt: Thrift shop
Bag: Gift from husband from his trip to France
sandals: Scarlet

Necklace: gift from friend (Actually this friend exports jewelery to brands like FCUK. It is from that collection)

Location: Select City Walk, Delhi
And yes its not me who was going to indulge in haagen-dazs icecream

Watch: Burberry


  1. Hi, looks like DLF / City walk are your favourite locations to click...! your skirt looks very intersting... pity we don't get to see a close up of the details...

  2. anks Delhi does not have many options.
    Thanks Anks, Chloe and Maria.

  3. Love you for inspiring me to go on veggies(at least for the dinner..)
    and love that outfit too...:))
    Kiran one question - i am snacking on some nuts these days..usually in the evening i eat some almonds, rasins and walnut mix..do you think i can put n weight if i eat them regularly?..lest say about 6-7 almonds, 10-12 raisins and 4-5 walnuts..i thought u would be the best person to ask:)

  4. Sovina, nuts are good if had in moderation. They are good in omega acids, antioxidants etc. The amount you have written seems reasonable. Just reduce the raisins.

  5. thanks ..would do so..plus i guess raisins here have a high sugar content..so better to reduce them.