11 June, 2010

Work and Play

Its been a hectic week. Lots of work but also lots of mauj masti (fun). I firmly believe that all work and no play, would make me a dull girl. So I need my break, my fun time to do my job better. I can actually work better if I am relaxed, have had my quota of dance, my meditation, my family time, etc etc. This week has been a mix of both and hence good productivity. And I am already looking forward to a weekend. A lawyer client of mine was saying yesterday, "oh your job is so good. So non stressful...etc etc". The only answer I had was, "grass is always greener on the other side". It is not that my job has no stress and I am always partying. But I know how to balance. I can balance work, family, fun time etc etc.
Outfit for the day.

                                                                     Top: Forever21
                                                                      Pants: Nordstrom

                                                          Location: Juanita Lake, Seattle

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