18 July, 2010


If I have to share clothes, it is only with my sister. Sometimes we include our mom also in this. But between me and my sister, we borrow each others clothes a lot. When I visit her, I travel light and most of the times, raid her closet for clothes, till the time I have shopped enough of my own clothes and filled my suitcases. When she visits me, I open the doors of my closet for her. She is a bit shorter than me but we still do manage. Sometimes I think, I look better in the clothes borrowed from her. Here are few examples. What do you think?

This dress I had got for her from Tokyo from Issey Miyake. But I got to borrow it from her and wear it.

This dress she gifted to me and then found it too nice. So now she has it. (This is how much we can rotate things.)


  1. WOW. I love this post. Yes, we share clothes. And I too share them mostly only with you and Mom(strange I never thought of this before). You look great in those outfits. And for the readers: My sister holds me guilty of strategically picking clothes for her that end up coming back to me - like that peach skirt. When I bought it for her, she said it won't fit her, so I brought it back with me. And now she has become so slim that it really complements her figure but she's gracious enough to let it be with me still. Another dress I bought for her recently, she rejected coz it was too short and skimpy for her. So then I kept it. I'm sure one day (being the innovative self she is) she will wear it making it look so awesome! And most of the dresses u see her wearing in this post (the Issey Miyake and the wool check skirt) were actually bought by her for me. So you see, we buy clothes for each other and then wear it, share it amongst ourselves only - giving each other credit:)
    BTW di, I love the Ritu K
    umar innovation. I love that you teamed it up with Phulkari.

  2. First of all Kiran you really know how to pose, and that about you always reminds me of my sister. I too share clothes only with my sis.. eevn footwear :D
    you look beautiful in yellow.. which is very rare for others.. too good