17 July, 2010

Family First

Warren Rustand was in Delhi. Warren S. Rustand is an entrepreneur, educator and public servant, having served as the appointments secretary to President Gerald Ford during his time as a White House Scholar. According to him, the key to success for any entrepreneur is No1. a disciplined life. Besides this, one has to prioritize one's life in the following order-

1. family
2. work
3. Community
4. personal self

So inspirational. To be successful in life, the first priority has always to be family. 

After so much food for thought, an outfit of the day.

When I went for the first time, with my son, to his university, I got clear instructions from him to dress up in a manner that I looked his mom (as if I did not know that or as if he had expected that I would go there in hot pants). So well, I chose to be my plain jane simple self.

Top: Forever 21
Linen Pants: Wills
Sandals and Bag: Louis Vuitton

Well, that is another thing that teachers there still came and asked me which course I had come to take admission for or where were my parents. His batch mates thought, I had come to join the same course that he was joining. Amusing and flattering.

This is another pic in the same top.
Bag: Louis Vuitton.


  1. love the yellow color ..so cheery..and i agree family is always first.always..it is the essential support system that keeps me running :)

  2. Family is the most important to me! And I can't believe you have a son who is at univeresity :) I thought you were much younger.

    Also I don't know if I shared this with you but I am showing everyone because I think this is a really great vlog about how to make your blog better :) http://www.gritandglamour.com/2010/07/13/the-build-a-better-blog-vlog/

    Leia's Delights

  3. Your plain Jane simple self looks amazing. I love the color of the top. It looks so great on you. And am I looking at the andother picture of you in jeans? :)

  4. Absolutely! Family comes first! I have seen these pics before. Even then the yellow bag stood out :)

    P.S. About my wedding pics. You did come, but for my engagement. But for some reason couldn't make it to the wedding. I have you in my album from the Engagement night at the IHC :)