15 July, 2010

My super mom

Yes it has been an overdose of fuschia for some time now. But these are my super favorite turkish pants and super favorite top. Very comfortable, cool cotton ones and I have used it everywhere- while traveling, for workout, going for grocery, you name it. But these pants have made it little late on this blog. Though, I have previously posted a video of mine before in these.

Turkish pants: Joss

Story about this Top: This top is about 8 year old (maybe more). I saw my lovely client wearing this in black color. I told her that it was so cute and fitted her so well. Next day she got the same for me. She knew I am not too fond of black. So she got a nice baby pink color for me. I loved it. It fitted me so well. I used it so much that it faded. Yet, it was my favorite top. I did not want to throw it. So the next option- got it dyed in my favorite color- fuschia. And here it is.

Shoes: These are really comfortable pair of shoes by Clarks. I highly recommend these. But they are mostly available in UK.

 Pendant: bought from dad

This picture is for my mom. She is constantly worried that I do not eat well and I work a lot and do not take care of myself. Yesterday she even told me, "I am telling you, if you fall sick, don't call me. You do not listen to me". So mom this is what I had today. My very favorite fresh mozzarella cheese with tomato and home grown fresh basil leaves. No dressing. It tastes yum and is very nutritious. And the best thing is that it takes a minute to fix it up. Mom I hope you are happy now.

Do all moms have some telepathic connection with their children or is it just my mom? It is strange, whenever I call my mom (whichever time, from whichever place), without looking at the caller ID or the number, she tells my dad or whosoever is around her, that, it is me calling. She knows when I am happy and when I am sad. She knows what is going in my life without me telling her (but I do tell her everything. Day is never complete without updating her). She always has time to listen to everything I have to tell her. I might tell her that I am busy, she has never ever been busy for me. Whatever she says or wishes, always, always, comes true. Are all moms super moms? Mine is. You are very special mom. Love you.


  1. That's one of my fav. Salads too!!!

    I am glad you like my small feature on you. You truly inspire me in many ways!!! :o) Next I am in Delhi I am definitely making sure we meet.

  2. OH!!! About Mom, yes, she has a great telepathic connection. SHe does that with my phone too. How does she know which one of us is calling?:)
    And I love those pants too.
    Love you Mom!! Ummah!

  3. I like salad too. I agree about telepathay.