14 July, 2010

Jeans and me

I am not much of jeans person. Yes, quite surprising. For majority of people, simple pair of jeans is their all time favorite. Also Salwar kameez tops the list for many. Well, not in my case. In fact, I find it too cumbersome to wear jeans, co ordinate with a top, a belt, etc etc. A low waist jeans, torn jeans, boot leg, will find it impossible to find an entry in my wardrobe. Do not own a single one of them. NEVER ever bought even one. Do not intend to either. (I am just describing my style. If people like it/wear it, I genuinely appreciate them). That is why, a dress does it all for me. I do not have to rack my brain about accessorizing much. Keep it simple and uncluttered-that works for me. Linen pants, cotton pants, are something that I like.
But here I have dug out from my old pictures, my rare jeans picture. 

Jeans: Marks and Spencer
Top: Customized tailored, self designed.
Glares: Christian Dior.
Location: Classic Golf Resort.


  1. Haha, I'm the opposite. Jeans are my staples except in the summer. I don't feel like I have to accessorize jeans at all. Jeans with a basic white T-shirt is simple and very classic looking.

  2. I *love* jeans - they can be so flattering (if you choose the right cut; unfortunately many people don't) and really versatile. However, I don't find them very comfortable so I don't wear them very much! I also think people tend to wear jeans too often and it allows them to keep wearing the same style over and over which is kind of boring to be honest.

    Yours are great, love the deep color :)

    Leia's Delights

  3. you look good in jeans..you should wear them more often if u r comfortable in them...love the polka dot top..i have a similar one too :)

  4. like i said before, fashion is ur calling.. love the top. very well made. i myself prefer skirts to jeans. somehow in delhi esp i find jeans evry uncomfy