29 July, 2010

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Dreaming the Impossible

Question: Guruji, how can we control daydreams?

Sri Sri: Dream in the night! (laughter)

What is daydreaming? You have a desire but you do not have the faith that you can achieve your desire - that is what you call daydreaming. 

You can control daydreaming by having a strong goal and believing in it.

Like the scientist who wanted to go to the moon and kept dreaming about it - for him it was the goal of his life but for others it was daydreaming.

Either you drop that it will not happen or you believe!

When you do not know yourself, your potentiality, you have no faith and confidence in your dream.

Once you have faith and confidence in your dream, it is no longer a daydream!

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

Outfit Of the day

Anarkali: Bought from some designer from an exhibition
Bag: Gucci
Shawl: Husband's shop
Location: Srinagar- This explains why I am in a suit and not dress or saree. This dress code was set by husband for Srinagar.


  1. Nice one. Day dreams show us what we need to do to achieve our goal.

  2. Very pretty outfit! You know anarkalis are my favorite and they really suit you :)


  3. That suit is nice... inspite of not liking them, you carry them well...

  4. well as usual you look good in indian dresses...also here is the reply i posted on your comment on my blog..thoght would post here too :)

    @kiran- you know ..i was actually waiting for your comment..i was totally confused as to what you would pick - wearing them or not..one part of me said that since you like simple things you may not like them ..another part said that you have a good taste and you definitely wear your styles uniquely..glad you would like to give them a try..i do not like kimono much as i think i would not be able to carry it :)

  5. Well I used to do a lot of day dreaming and you are right you need to see it as a goal and work on it.
    You look good in the suit Kiran.