28 July, 2010

Simplicity vs Complexity

Sri Sri: Life is utterly simple and yet most complex. You have to simultaneously attend to both facets of life. When life appears most complex, turn to the simplicity. Simplicity brings peace. When you are peaceful attend to the complexity within you. That will make you more skillful.
If you are only with simplicity, it makes you lazy and dull. Being only with complexity makes you angry and frustrated. The intelligent ones balance them and rejoice in both. If you look only to simplicity, growth is not there. Looking only at the complexity, there is no life at all. All that you need is a skillful balance. If you recognize both simplicity and complexity of life, you will be skillfully peaceful!

Colors are the complexity of life. White is the simplicity. When your heart is pure, your life becomes so colorful.

Vikram: Guruji, you are all white and yet so colorful.
Pramila: Like our knowledge, which is so profound and yet so simple!
|| Jai Guru Dev ||

Guruji asked someone, "What do you do"? She said, "I am a interior decorator". Guruji said, "So am I".

After seeing me in so many white sarees, here is a more colorful (glamorous) post of saree.

Saree: Limited edition of Satya Paul collection called Fragrance.
Pictures could not do much justice to it. But it has lots of colors- blues, pinks etc.
Satya Paul mostly does georgettes. This is in french chiffon.

Here is a better picture taken from net


  1. Nice post. Both simplicity and complexity have practical and useful applications.

    You look pretty in any outfit.

  2. I love this saree!!!!
    where did you buy it from??
    you look really glamorous and the design of blouse is fab .
    And my husband and I plan to visit NZ again and do the trek from Queens town to Milford Sound.
    We also drove everywhere and everything was just so beautiful.
    I don't think any country can be as breathtaking, though I have heard Canada is quite similar.

  3. i so much like the words of wisdom..this is so true that you have to balance both the facets of life..in fact life essentially is about striking a balance and harmony between what's inside & what's outside...keep sharing these beautiful thoughts with us..

    i like the colorful saree but blouse is super sexy..you are working it way better than the model :)

  4. Thanks for your comments to my latest post. I just replied for that. Please read. Thanks.