24 August, 2010

24th Aug

Yes it is full moon today. It is Raksha Bandhan and of course it is my Birthday. Pictures post and how, where, with whom I celebrated my day will be next. But this post is dedicated to my Guru.
Sri Sri... on Raksha Bandhan
This full moon is dedicated to the seers — the Rishis. It is also
called the raksha bandhan.

Bandhan means bondage, Raksha means protection. A bondage that protects

Your bondage to the knowledge, to the master, to the truth, To The Self,
All Saves You. A Rope Can Be Tied To Either Protect Or Strangle You. The
Small Mind And Mundane Things can strangle you. The big mind or
knowledge saves you. Raksha Bandhan is that bondage that saves you.

You are bound by your bondage to the Satsang. Your bondage to the
master, to the truth, to the ancient knowledge of the Rishis is your

Bonding is essential in life. And let the bonding be divine in a life

- Sri Sri...

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: Rest In Activity
What is that you can do for eternity? Definitely not anything that is big or great because it needs effort and effort tires you. So, it is a temporary state. If you can think of one thing that is way below your capacity to do and agree to do it for eternity, that becomes Pooja.

The readiness to consciously do trivial things for eternity unites you with eternity. This is an antidote to ego. Ego is always ambitious and wants to do the toughest job like climbing Mount Everest etc. Whereas in a simple act like watching a butterfly, watering the garden, watching the birds or the sky, can bring deep relaxation, and relaxation connects you with your source. Not that you do trivial things all your life, but consciously agreeing to do the trivial actions for eternity, opens a new dimension and brings in immense peace and restfulness.

To find rest in activity, choose an activity that is far below your capacity and agree to do it until eternity. Doing a job far below your capacity and being satisfied with it will make it possible to do a job much beyond your capacity.

Know that all actions are born out of infinity and that which is born out of infinity can take you to infinity.

- Sri Sri

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

SUTRA: " Let go, relax, feel the connection and that's it." - Sri Sri

Guruji's Message - Chant "OM NAMAH SHIVAYA" everyday for at least 11 min till end Sept.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to you.

Jai Gurudev!


  1. Happy Birthday Kiran have a great great day, like the funda of doing simple things

  2. Again I am here to wish you many many happy returns of the day.:)
    shall wait for your post.

  3. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birththhday dear Keeeran
    Happy Birthdayyyyy toooo yoouuuu

  4. Happy Birthday....

    I can never forget your birthdate. I am forced to remember this date.
    This date is mentioned months in advances in my home.

    It is my mother-in-law's birthday too ....same date.