23 August, 2010

My Delhi

It is raining cats and dogs in Delhi. There are lots of traffic jams. More is expected during common wealth games. But whatever people may say or complain, I love Delhi the way it is. I love it despite its traffic jams. It has so grown in me. I can't dream of staying in any other part of the world, other than Delhi. I have my friends here (though,none of my childhood and very close friends are in Delhi. Nor are my parents or sisters. How I wish even they were here). I have my work here, my home here. Professionally, I am known here. 

I find Delhi safe. (Yes, please do not raise eyebrows.) Whatever, people or travel books say, I can say from my own experience, that Delhi is safe even at night for a girl to party alone (and I have done that zillion of times). 

Yes, you should follow few rules. Which are-

A. Always commute in your own car. Do not take a lift or give one. You can't walk on the road alone at night.
B. Lock you car from inside.
C. Do not talk to strangers. Specially to ask directions.
D. Always be reachable on mobile.

Few basic guidelines and you will be fine. Generally, tourists do not find it very safe, because, they are not commuting in their own cars. Either, they are walking on the roads at night (which is definitely not safe), or they are hiring cabs and autos. Also some of them are staying in cheap places like Paharganj, known for its bad reputation. 

And my love for Delhi is not new. I studied in Delhi and had even told my parents that if they were hunting for a groom for me (yes mine is arranged marriage, chosen by my parents), they had to find a guy for me in Delhi and South Delhi was preferred. I have travelled almost whole of the world and I have not seen one place, which I would rate better, (for staying -not for traveling and holidaying) than Delhi.

I remember once I was holidaying in Shanghai. My friend called me from Delhi and asked me, what I was doing in the evening. I said nothing. I told her, I would stay in the hotel. She asked me why I was not partying. I said, I cant party alone. So she asked me, how can you party alone in Delhi? So I pondered and told her- "you know, in Delhi, everyone is known to me when I go partying all by myself. From a bouncer, to a bar tender, to DJ, to the whole lot of crowd. So I am never alone in Delhi. But in Shanghai, I would have been an unknown alien face."

A place where you live, grows so much on you. I go to a restaurant and the waiter exactly knows what I like ( low cal food). You feel special, when you are taken care of like that.

My final verdict- DELHI ROCKS.

And Yes the countdown has begun. Few more hours to go. 

Here is the outfit of the day.

Top: Forever 21 (Yes, it looks like Ed Hardy. But it is Forever 21)
Skirt: Express
Heels: Bangkok


  1. I can't say Delhi is safe or unsafe but we all can avoid troubles by following common sense.. Yeah, there are so many travel guides and travel tips and even I have blogged before about how unsafe Delhi is for women but any big cities is like Delhi. You will find good as well as the band.

    Speaking of the weather, its so good.. Who gives a damn about the jam.

  2. love the skirt...! i just moved into Delhi.. and ur post was like a welcome message!! :)

  3. I visited Delhi a few years ago. Your description is a nice reminder.
    You look pretty charming in that outfit.

  4. I'm so happy to read all the positive things about Delhi and will definitely follow your guidelines when I move there :) You know, they say London is unsafe, but I have hardly had any problems while living here. I think if you know the basic precautions to take you will be fine! Oh and I like your outfit! :)


  5. being a delhite i always feel a kind of connection with the city but i must say that there are a few things that i don't like / or have started disliking about it - one is definitely the traffic..it has become so so crowded that it si impossible to travel without running into a jam..second are the dug up roads..and the mess the rain creates..also the people to some extent...thousands of ppl from all over india enter delhi everyday and they just don't gel into the true spirit of delhi..they just come and exploit the city and walk away..i really don't like such people..as far as safety goes i really haven't had any major issues with it but then yes i havn't traveled alone at night also very often..but i do agree after a while the place grows on u and maybe my vies are a little blurred as i am not living in India now :)

  6. I lived all my life in South Delhi. Delhi is one of most unsafe place in the world.

    Sure, you are locked in your car you are fine. Once you park and step out to do shopping...you never know. Malls in Delhi are fully of people who engage in eve teasing and bad behavior.

    Sorry. I love Delhi but it is pretty nasty place especially for females.

  7. I've never been to Delhi, and to be honest I never knew its reputation, but this is very interesting to read. I lived for three months in Johannesburg, and your had to follow similar rules, which as a Canadian used to walking everywhere I found very restrictive, yet to my South African friends it was what they were used to and it didn't bother them. For me it was impossibly depressing not to be able to go for walks.

    Delhi certainly sounds interesting, and I hope I get the chance to go some day! Oh, and that is a lovely skirt!

  8. Is it not your B'day today?. Best wishes and enjoy.

  9. @ A. In my 25 years of living in Delhi, I have never ever faced eve teasing problem. And nor have any of my huge group of girlfriends. Yes, a confession, we have never travelled by bus, auto, cab or been walking on roads at night. Yes, I agree that I could never dare to be dressed up for a party, at night and travel by bus in Delhi and yet say that it is safe. That is when my heart will come in my mouth. But I guess, that will be true for anywhere in the world.

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  11. Never been to Delhi. But soon.

    Thanks for the visit and the comments.

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