25 August, 2010

Ayurvedic medicines

Two New propritary medicine from Sri Sri Ayurveda
 Sri Sri Ayurveda Trust has came up with two new proprietary medicines which was in Extensive Research and would be a very effective tool to treat the common prevalent diseases related to Hypertension and Liver Disorders.

1) Sri Sri Ayurveda LIV-ON - “ It’s a Liver Tonic ” and very effective for Jaundice, Indigestion, Loss of appetite, Hepatitis and Liver Disorders.


2) Sri Sri Ayurveda Navahridaya Kalpa - It’s a unique formulas effective against Blood Pressure ( Hypertension )

We congratulate all of us to have these Medicines which is useful for one of the most common ailments prevalent in today's time. Sri Sri Ayurveda would lead all in giving best remedies to all with no side effects.

The MRP is Rs 120/-
net Contents 60 Tab
So let’s spread this message and reach out with our highly effective products to all.

For more information
toll free no 1800-425-6967


  1. Wish you a Happy Rakshabandhan.
    Very nice, useful and informative post. Thanks for sharing with us.