26 August, 2010

Woman and career

I just read Shuchita's blog post and totally went into introspective mood. I thought, I had to write this. Career vs family responsibility for a woman. Generally, it is the woman who gives up on their high flying careers for the sake of family and gets financially dependent on her man. Sometimes, they are forced to do so by their families/partner/circumstances and sometimes they do it out of choice. They are devoted housewives, mother etc. But as their kids grow older, they look back and regret. They are financially dependent and sometimes less respected. On the other hand, if they choose their corporate jobs, they live in a guilt of leaving their small kids and spending less time with them. So how to strike a right balance?

Well I can only talk about myself here. I had a similar dilemma. I am a very family person. My priority would always be my children, come what may. I could not have survived a corporate job when I would leave in the morning and see my child in the evening. I loved to pick and drop my children, be with them when they came back from school, eat with them, listen to their stories. I wanted to enjoy their childhood. I would have been shattered if I would have to sit in an office when my boys came back home. No career was worth it. Yet, I am very strong and independent person too. I want my own financial independence, my own credibility, my own decision involved in shaping my career, my own set of friends to interact with. Yes, I am out and out an extrovert. I NEED TO socialize, talk, go out on lunches etc with friends. I cannot sit and sulk indoors or be a doormat or just a contended housewife. That is not me.  (Please, do not get me wrong. I am not underestimating any housewife or her full time job here. Here I am only talking about me and my perspectives and the way I function).

So I had my mid path. I am a qualified fashion designer (thats why this interest in fashion in my blogs) and my husband is in garments. But working with him, would not have given me my independence. My name, my company.

So I set up something different 15 years back. We would not go into details of my certifications as a fitness trainer here. That you can read here.

I set up to work as a fitness trainer in my own fitness centre which is in the premises of my own house.
It gave me the flexibility to work and yet be around my family. I also made sure that my work was only when my boys were at school. And I offered good quality and result oriented regime to my clients and made sure that they achieved their goals. When I am in my studio, I am an absolute professional. That is why, I could carve a niche for myself in the field of fitness. Today, I can proudly say that I am the most professionally qualified, experienced and result oriented fitness trainer, with a very credible reputation. I meet happy people and spread health and happiness. I am truly Blessed. And there is certainly a Divine Grace that has helped me to do what I wanted in my own way and on my own terms.  I enjoy life. I  am my own Boss. And icing on the cake is that I have the Best possible clients, who are more of my friends,  whom I truly look forward to meeting. I have a loving family. I love my work. Could life be any better? Touchwood. It is all My Guru's Grace. I know, with HIM around, everything is taken care of.

Here are few more pics in the dress that I wore for my Birthday

Dress: Ranna Gill
Watch: Fossil

Sandals: Salvatore Ferragamo


  1. It's tough to juggle both family and Career or professional life. Great to hear that you have figured out an awesome way to juggle both...

    The pics look stunning!

  2. Oh.. BTW.. any tips on weight lose :)

  3. loved reading this post you discussed all the issues that women face. And it feels so good to interact with like minded people :), you have found the perfect balance between career and personal life and yes I also think that financial independence is important it gives you a good feeling.

  4. I loved your post.about balancing a home and a career.
    I too wanted to spend quality time with my son and I did exactly that. I waited till he became independent. I started my career quite late.But what i do today is thoroughly satisfying and I have made a niche for myself. My son has grown up into a good individual.

  5. I just cannot get enough of you!!!

    P.S. Your pics put a smile on my face!

  6. Oh Yeah, and I was just going to forward this link to my best friend today and think you would like it too- An interview of Nandita Das - here -


  7. i was thinking of u and then thought of going to ur blog and read and impressed to read all.