31 July, 2010

Guruji's Knowledge Sheet: The Other Side Of Friendliness

Sri Sri: Secretaries, police, judges, accountants and people in key positions should not be friendly!
The main disadvantages of being friendly are:
1. You come under obligation
2. You lose your freedom
3. You can't have a free and fair perception. Your thoughts and actions may not be impartial
4. Your focus, commitment, creativity and above all your time will be wasted
5. You will pick up bad habits and negative moods easily
It takes a lot of wisdom to be free from the burden of obligation and not be influenced by your friends' opinions and feelings.
In many occasions, it is better to be unfriendly than be friendly. Being unfriendly does not mean being aggressive and inimical. The best secretaries, personal assistants, security personnel, and judges have to be unfriendly.
Those who are aloof and indifferent get centered more quickly than those who are too friendly. A certain degree of aloofness in every relationship will strengthen your personality and connect you to your source. It's very easy to be very aloof or very friendly. But to be friendly and aloof is a Sadhana.
Be an unfriendly friend!!

|| Jai Guru Dev ||

Today it is not the outfit that I would be posting but a pattern that I lurrvvee. 
Husband dear, who is in the business of shawls, has a natural liking/bias for paisleys. Not that I do not like them. I do. But that liking is limited for my shawls, stoles, maybe Kashmiri Saree etc. But when it comes to interiors (and definitely not outfits) - lets say, a bed spread, a curtain, a table mat, napkins, or for that matter the template of my blog or twitter, there is something that I like even better than a paisley. Now I do not know its name. (ANYONE READING THIS AND  KNOWING THE NAME OF THIS PATTERN, PLEASE DO LET ME KNOW THROUGH COMMENT). But maybe it is some Victorian pattern. It looks very ornate. And most of the things in my home are of this pattern. Here are few examples.

My Fuschia bed spread.
Needless to say its "my color" and chosen by me.

The drapes

Even my candles have this pattern

Though, the above candle and stand were a gift from very dear family friend. So thoughtful.

Coming to candles, I must confess that I am soooo fond of candles. In fact, I have dedicated a whole wall to candles. Catch a glimpse below.

Can you see the touches of, "Just me", in the interiors of my home? Every bit in my home has been chosen, planned, designed,  carefully by ME. It has traces of me all over. The three men, I have in my life, proudly let me do my thing, when it comes to shopping for myself, my home or even for them. They actually appreciate my taste. It has never ever happened that they did not like anything that I picked up. 


  1. Kiran I think the name of the pattern is flock?

    And how do I get to your twitter? Mine is @leia12! :)


  2. Thanks a ton leia...a million...FLOCK...did not know that...

  3. Kiran, I have to agree with the portion about the negative aspects of friendship...great post, by the way. I have been described by others as aloof at times, and I suppose I am to a degree. I've been burned and mistreated in so many friendships, and several years ago I made a conscious decision to stop giving second and third and fourth chances. I'd rather be on my own than have to deal with a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    ♥ V